The Example To Describe “Tikus Temple”

Ok friends, let me tell you about ‘Rat Temple’ or in Indonesia is ‘Tikus Temple’.

By the way, do you ever get there before? Right, i think you all ever get there. Why? Because it is not far from Mojokerto Regency. The location is in Temon village, Trowulan district, Mojokerto Regency. It is about 8 miles from Mojokerto Regency to the southwest.

Tikus Temple is built in the 13th  century. It is found by the regent of Mojokerto, he is RAA kromojoyo. Previously, he heard about the complaints from Temon’s people that many rat had attaked their fields. And then, he instructed to village officials in order to mobilize the masses to war with the rats. Surprisingly, the rats always run and get into a hole in a large mound. Because he want to clean up the rats until they run out, he requested to dig the mound. Apparently, there was a temple inside of mound. Because of it, RAA Kromojoyo gave name for the temple as Tikus Temple.

Tikus temple  restored officially by Goverment of Indonesia in 1984- 1989.  And as you know, it has been finished in 21st September 1989. The date is same as my birthday. Yeah, I am very proud.

Tikus Temple is a building that related to the water or in Indonesia mention with “petirtaan”. Based on the myth, the water that flows to Tikus Temple was from Mount Mahameru. Many peoples believe that the water can drive away the rats in their field.The lenght is 25.4 meters, the widht is 23.6 meters, the hight is 5.20 meters, and at a depth about 2 meters from the ground.

You can get there by motorcycle, car, bicycle, or public transport. Usually, the ticket price is free. But you must pay for parking, it is about 2500 rupiahs all day. It is very cheap, isn’t it?

That is why, in everyday even holiday, many peoples visit there. They can both enjoy the view and take pictures. So, when will you visit there??????


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