Opening Speech

Assalamu’alaikum Wr Wb

Honorable …. (orang yg berpangkat tertinggi dan seterusnya..)

Dear ladies and gentlemen


First of all :

Let thank to our GOD ALLAH SWT, who always been giving us blesses, mercies, and enjoyment especially healty, so we can attend and gather in this place by good condition and situation.

Second of all :

May peace and salutation and safety be dilivered to our greatest prophet Muhammad SAW. Who has been guiding us, from the bad way to the right way, from the stupid era to the modern era, over islam. our religion, we really love so much.

Third of all :

I dont forget to thank to the presenter, who gives me a beautiful occasion to stand up in front of you all. I am sure, it is the best time for me. okay, dear ladies and gentlemen. Here i will take speech by a title……


setelah itu, silahkan lanjutkan dengan isi speech (pidato) anda.. 🙂

– semoga bermanfaat –


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